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Are you new to eLearning?

What is e-Learning?

eLearning can be defined simply as learning through your personal computer (PC) at home or at work.

What makes a good eLearning experience?

What are the benefits of eLearning?

The following are some well-recognised benefits of eLearning:

Will eLearning suit everyone?

The simple answer here is no - eLearning is not a panacea for all the ills of the face-to-face training world. Some find eLearning a lonely form of learning - some people prefer the social aspects of traditional face-to-face training to get them through learning something new.

If you are a learner who prefers the social aspects of face-to-face training, you might want to explore the various eLearning tools that promote online communication and collaboration - chat rooms, discussion forums and web conferencing systems.

Who is HSELanD aimed at?

HSELanD is aimed at all staff in the Irish health services who wish to avail of our eLearning programmes and tools to develop themselves.

Can I use HSELanD by myself or does it need to be part of a training programme?

Yes, you can use HSELanD by yourself. It is designed to be user-friendly and you can pick and choose which programmes and tools are most appropriate for your own development. Some training programmes might encourage you to use the HSELanD as part of a classroom-based programme but you do not need to be part of a formal programme to register.

Where can I get technical help and support?

Will I receive a certificate?

HSELanD issues certificates to all our learners who successfully complete a learning programme. Your certificates are available on the certificates page. You will be able to download and print certificates as soon as you have completed a programme!