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Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check our Video Tutorials that show how to do many common tasks with HSELanD.

Log-In & Registration

1. How do I create an account?

If you have not enrolled before as a user on HSELanD.ie, this is the place to begin.

Complete the Enrolment form, page by page. Fill in each field, then click Continue at the bottom of the page to move on to the next part.

When you have completed the Enrolment, you will see a page with your username and password. Keep these in a safe place; these are your personal account details. Now you are ready to log on to HSELanD.

2. My place of work is not listed when trying to enrol!

Are you sure? Please check that you have selected the correct categories for your place of work. If there is definitely no listing, then select the closest match you can in order to register. You can then contact us with the details of your place of work and we can add them to our database & update your account details.

Alternatively, when enrolling, please click neither of the above, when asked where do you work.

3. I've registered before but I have forgotten my username or password!

You can have your details mailed out to you by supplying us with the email address that you used to sign up to HSELanD. Request your details here.


Programmes, Certificates & Tracking

1. I have completed a programme and can't find my certificate.

Once you have completed a course your certificates will be listed on the ‘Certificates’ page on HSELanD, and also on the launch page for any programmes that you have completed. You can access this page from the first page after you log in by clicking the green tab along the top. Alternatively, once logged in you will be able to click this link 'Certificates' to bring you there. You will then be able to print out the listed PDF document(s). Unfortunately certificates are no longer mailed out.

2. My progress isn't tracking.

Please ensure that you complete the PC-Check from the launch page of each learning programme, or on the PC-Check page, this will allow you to check that you meet all the minimum requirements to view the learning programs, if you do not, you will be able to follow the links provided to install the software. If you still experience issues can you please report back with which version of Java you are running and we can investigate further.

If your progress is not tracking then the issue you are having likely stems from not having the correct version of Java installed on your machine, please go to http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp and download the latest version, your progress should then track when you complete the course again.

Depending on your access rights you may need to ask your computer administrator to install any needed software.

You will need to check that you have the correct software on each computer that you use!